web design and development in canton, ohio

Webnik is the culmination of 20 years combined industry experience, two Bachelor of Arts degrees, and a mutual, lifelong interest in design. Those figures are split between Nick and Eileen DePasquale, founders of the company. At Webnik, we’re dedicated to fostering the digital growth of our clients through engaging website design and marketing. Read on to learn more about our history!

Website Design Couple - Webnik

We’re Creative People.

Digital design and marketing has always been a point of interest for us. We love that anyone, anywhere, at any time, can easily access the work we create for our clients. It’s even more amazing to think that a whole new world has been created, and it’s existence lies only a few keystrokes away. So much of an amazing thought that we decided to stake our professional careers on it.

We are Nick and Eileen; happily married couple and business partners. Webnik is our company. We believe in the power of digital marketing and have built a portfolio that proves it.

In the last 20 years websites have gone from niche, to necessity. In that time, the internet has grown to become a constant in everyday life. As it currently stands, your company’s credibility is directly tied to your online presence. Because of this, we want to help make the internet a better-looking place, one brand at a time.

Creating inspiring designs for the purpose of driving business is something we truly enjoy. Good design must start somewhere, though. Everything built by Webnik begins with solid collaboration and a thorough understanding of your industry. As such, we look forward to learning more about you and your company.

Let’s build something beautiful together.


web design and development in canton, ohio

We’ve been lucky enough to work with some great clientele in the past. As such, our projects have ranged from very large to very small, and everything in between. Our portfolio is full of work we’d love to share with you. Looking for something specific? Make sure you mention it on the phone or in the contact form below.