Digital Marketing VS Web Design: Know the Diff



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Times have changed in the world wide web over the course of the last 10 years. If there has been one constant amongst all of it, it surely must be that change is inevitable. So, what is the difference between digital marketing and web design, and where do we stand now? Good question.

Web Design Isn't What it Used to Be

Web Design Isn’t What It Used to Be

Years ago, web design was the end all, be all, of online marketing. You had a website, people would show up there after typing in the URL on your business card, end of story. Right? Nowadays, much more is expected of your digital presence. You have to connect with customers over social media, get the email newsletter sent, write a blog post every month, and keep your site up to date for mobile users. You’ve treaded into new territory. Thus, the terminology should reflect that.

One of the fundamental pillars upon which every digital agency is built will always be web design. Without good design and usability, your audience will certainly look elsewhere. Why? Because they know one of your competitors will have a site that’s easy to navigate, and ultimately find what they’re looking for. Without going any further, let’s define web design.

Website design is the process of creating websites, mainly tending to the aesthetics and content the end user sees. This term is generally used interchangeably with web development; however, development is generally seen as a larger umbrella term, encompassing web design. Examples of other nomenclature found under the umbrella would be hard coding such as HTML, CSS and PHP, also UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface), Networking, Hosting, etc.

Digital Marketing Interest Over Time

Digital Marketing Is Where It’s At

Now then, what is digital marketing? Interestingly enough, it can be defined as the marketing of a company/brand and its products/services via digital channels. The reason it’s interesting is because “digital marketing” is an umbrella term as well, including both web development and web design underneath it. Meaning, it’s the top rung of the ladder when referring to marketing your business on any digitally produced screen.

As you can see, the course of time, and the ever-changing landscape of marketing/advertising, has given rise to new forms of customer interaction and development. For proof, look no further than your phone. How many hours did you interact with the ol’ flip phone everyone had back then? My guess is not nearly as much as now. That device is now the single best way to market to prospective customers.

Just how website design used to be the go-to-term, due to it being the sole requirement for online success; digital marketing has now rightfully taken its place because of everything else that is now considered mandatory for any modern business.

So where does that leave you? To put it simply, it depends on the project. Just need someone to gussy up a previous site? Hire a web designer. That’s all you’ll likely need. Looking to attain new customers online? Go with a digital marketing agency, like us! Juggling the many requirements of marketing is what we do best.


web design and development in canton, ohio

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