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A proper marketing strategy (and subsequent execution) enables business of all sizes to do three very important things within their marketplace. First is to compete. It seems obvious, but having no online presence means you’re company is removed from the equation entirely. Second is increasing sales and therefore revenue. That wouldn’t hurt right? Third, and most importantly, is building and maintaining a competitive advantage.

At Webnik, we are dedicated to fostering the growth of your business. Giving your company the edge it seeks is our raison d’etre. Interested? Good to hear! Check out the available subsections below to see which services fit your needs.

Digital Marketing and Strategy of Ohio


Sometimes it takes a fresh set of eyes to evaluate the current state of your online operation. When was the last time your company went through the 3C’s & 4P’s and applied it to your marketing strategy?

Or, perhaps, starting a new venture is the objective and guidance is needed in those crucial first steps. We are lucky enough to have been a part of a good number of website launches. It’s kind of our thing! Trust in us to help with each phase of the business development process and work to achieve your goals.


What exactly is branding? Good question. Simply put, it is a combination of elements such as logos, slogans, and collateral that identify your products or services. It is more often than not the first impression garnered by the public. Without recommendation from an outside source, it becomes the deciding factor for new clientele.

Poorly designed (or lack of) marketing assets create an image of imprecision and unreliability. Additionally, businesses evolve over time. Perceptions of past goals and messaging may persist while no longer conveying the company’s current endeavors. Our branding services are built to define what your business stands for today as well as tomorrow. The end result will be something your company can be proud of, guaranteed.


Is there untapped potential in your business? We’re guessing yes. Chances are your market is much larger than realized. Reaching a broader audience is within grasp when utilizing certain tools like a well constructed e-commerce platform with supportive marketing. What’s the potential result? You can sell products online, thereby growing your customer base and ultimately increasing overall sales.

Need more proof? Good; I dig your style. E-commerce retail sales as a percentage of ALL retail sales in the U.S. is currently sitting at 8.5% as of Q1 2017. That percentage has risen from a modest 2.2% back in December of 2004. That’s a pretty nice jump. Especially considering that same 8.5% now equates to $105,740,000,000. Let’s get you some of that dough.


“Competitor” is the last of the 3 C’s we use to develop marketing strategies; The other two being “Customer” and “Company”. In any given market, your company is battling for a finite share of dollars. Determining how your rivals spend their marketing budgets will uncover valuable insights we can use to better develop yours. Identifying the competition’s strengths and weaknesses allows us to adjust our approach accordingly, thereby capitalizing on the subsequently revealed opportunities and threats. AKA the humble SWOT analysis.


Are you keeping up with the latest trends and advances in your industry? Is your competition? An in-depth analysis of your market will uncover what is motivating your client base and the potential adjustments associated for both the present and future. Careful scrutiny of your competitor’s pricing structure will reveal if you are charging too much or not enough and where the best allocation of marketing funds should be.