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Have you ever been curious how search engines work? Web crawlers, or spiders, go about mapping and indexing the landscape of the internet by traversing links provided by pages, files and documents existing on the web. After acquiring the information collected by said crawlers, search companies then store that data in massive data-centers composed of servers, switches and whole bunch of wires. So, next time you go looking for a [insert item] online, the search engine you’re submitting your query to is doing two things. One is returning only relevant information from its data-centers. Two is ranking the results based upon their relevancy to the query.

Know that what appears on your screen took a great deal of work. Not just for the search engines, though. But for the companies who create and optimize those pages, files and documents for the search engines. What we do at Webnik, for lack of a more complicated description, is make your website relevant.

Search Engine Optimization & Digital Advertising Services of Akron & Canton, Ohio


We’re happy to report that SEO is where Webnik really shines. Our on-site optimization efforts have brought small businesses and start-ups alike to the forefront of Google. That’s no lie! We’ve knocked Fortune 500 companies from their search ranking perch many times and will happily do it for you. Would you like to own first page organics on Google? Of course you would. See some examples of this by checking out the our work page.

Our strategic approach to search listing dominance is a simple one… In fact, it’s so simple that I’m going to keep it to myself for fear of sounding ridiculous. If you really want to know you’ll have to pick up the phone or fill out the form below. Seriously, I can’t divulge our secrets in an open forum like this so stop asking!

Regardless, we have a proven track record of providing consistent and measurable results. Expand your online presence and drive revenue with our super-effective SEO services.


Those are some pretty fancy sounding acronyms, eh? PPC (Pay Per Click) and CSE (Comparative Shopping Engine) advertising is the perfect counterbalance to organic listings. As any SEO expert will tell you, if they’re being honest, you unfortunately can’t own all your targeted keywords right out of the gate. Or ever, in certain instances. What you can do is build a paid advertising campaign to will fill in the gaps of your organic efforts.

We recommend a paid campaign for most every business that approaches us. It’s one of the most reliable tools we have in the ol’ toolbox and will assuredly return a positive ROI within a few short months.


Properly setting up, recording and ultimately understanding the analytics behind customer behavior is a key part of accelerating your company’s online growth. We can measure the effectiveness of our digital advertising campaigns through the use of advanced search engine and on-page metrics to see how they translate into bona-fide earnings. This type of analysis can be used to extrapolate projected revenue over a given time frame, thus supplying you with a repeatable, winning strategy.


Performing solid Keyword Research (or KWR for those in the know) is the equivalent of actually reading the book you were assigned from the summer reading list back in the 5th grade; Instead of just watching the movie. We at Webnik delight in the role of annoyingly well-prepared classmate. Front row, middle aisle, hand in the air. You can bet that book will be read cover to cover, every time.

Doing so gives us all the information we need to design a site search engines will love. Incidentally, KWR is one of the most important, high return services we offer. Appearing for the designated words and/or phrases agreed upon at the onset of the build can make or break a website and its subsequent ad campaigns. By researching your market’s keyword demand, we not only learn how people search for you, but also uncover valuable insights into your customer base as a whole.


The old adage still holds true, content is king. Want customers to keep coming back, buy stuff and share your product or service socially? Write good content. If that’s not your strong suit, or you don’t have time necessary to devote to it, then you absolutely need to hire someone who can. Like us for example! Why? The same reason the New York Times is considered a national treasure, regardless of political outlook. The journalism is better, plain and simple. People still do, and always will, respond to the written word.