web design and development in canton, ohio

Design is perhaps the broadest term regularly mentioned in the digital development and graphic industries. From one sentence to another, it can refer to planning and sketching, form and structure, or organization. The unifying factor amongst these adjunct concepts is that design will always refer to the building or fashioning of a work. While that may still sound a bit nebulous, it’s perfect for the referenced situation because, we are relied upon for a great many things regarding it!

We at Webnik are well versed in all aspects of digital design. Be it illustration, product photography or website user experience/interface design; We’re here to help.

Website Design Services of Ohio - Webnik Media


All websites created by Webnik are built with the end user in mind, and an eye to the future. You can expect a professionally designed website that will look just as good on the day of delivery as it will five years down the road. Our design philosophy is a simple one. Websites need to be easily accessed, used intuitively and compel users to action. Those tenants will never go out of style.

Speaking of trendy, mobile responsiveness is here to stay. As of November 2016 global internet usage on smartphones and tablets has officially eclipsed desktop. Meaning that your company absolutely must have a mobile friendly website if it hopes to compete. No worries though, Webnik only deals in mobile responsive websites. Everything we produce will look great on every browser, every device, every time, guaranteed.


A company’s logo plays a hugely important role in the overall marketing strategy deployed. It will be the most often seen visual element your target market comes in contact with. Customers will inevitably come to see it as shorthand for your business. Your company’s culture, trustworthiness and commitment to excellence on display. Stop to think of that for a second. All the hard work and long hours will be summed up in just one image. With all that being said, why leave it to chance? Even worse, could you be losing business due to a poorly designed logo?

If there exists any doubt as to the look of your company’s logo you should drop everything and call us immediately! We have support staff available 9 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday, EST. Also, be sure to check out the Our Work section of the site to view past projects.


Be it banners, business cards or brochures, our digital designs will win your audience over. No matter the project, you will work directly with a professional graphic designer. And not just a “professional” as in someone who gets paid to do it, but a lifelong artist with a B.A. That’s the only type of designer we employ. We will happily create compelling collateral for virtually any scenario.

Don’t wait! Arm your sales force with visually striking material and display the power of your brand today! Attention to detail and creativity come standard.


Looking for something that’s a little more artsy like an album cover or children’s book? Maybe you’d like to add a mascot to your brand. Or maybe you want something a little less artsy like standardized OSHA compliant emergency evacuation maps. Good news, we do those too. Our custom illustrations are sure to effectively convey the idea or message you’re looking to get across. And do so in the stylish way you definitely are looking for.


Pop quiz! Question: What’s one really easy way to lose customers online? Answer: Post bad images (check #6 for confirmation). To be taken seriously by potential buyers, images of your products have to be top quality. We often discover that manufacturers never put forth the effort to create high resolution product photos for their distributors, leaving them at a clear disadvantage in a market where compelling visuals are paramount. We can perform a photo shoot of your entire catalog, giving you (and not your competitor) the advantage.