web design and development in canton, ohio

The biggest difference between art and design is that design is meant to be functional. Once into functionality, website functionality more specifically, you inevitably end up talking about the development and subsequent languages (HTML, CSS, JS, etc.) that made it possible. While not as glamorous as it’s counterpart, website design, development is equally as important.

Why? Because all of the code employed ends up becoming the aesthetics you see. Therefore, development is actually design. Here’s a quick example for you.

Ultimately, a good looking site doesn’t offer much if you can’t interact with it properly. Every project we take on will enjoy the best of both worlds. You’ll have a web presence that looks like a rose and smells like one too.

Web Development & Construction of Akron / Canton, OH


Your online presence (website, social media, reviews, etc.) is tantamount to a virtual representation of your business. That’s how it’s seen by potential consumers anyways, and those are the ones who matter. Having a website that not only looks great but functions great is critical in the hyper-competitive online field. We strive to express your business goals with well-designed visuals and intuitive interfaces. Your site visitors will be compelled to buy, sign up, agree with your position or otherwise act in whatever manner that benefits your company the most.


All websites are not created equal. As such, businesses sometimes require their site to perform in ways that an out-of-the-box solution would be unable to accommodate. That’s where we come in. Creating custom interfaces that engages your audience will undoubtedly draw an even larger crowd over time.

The important part, however, is that it keeps them coming back. We welcome the challenge of constructing custom development solutions for your website and can’t wait to hear what you’ve got dreamed up!


You’re probably asking yourself things like, “What is a CMS?” and “Do I really need it installed?” Both good questions by the way. The answers are “Yes,” and “Yes,” respectively. CMS stands for Content Management System and it is an integral piece in developing a solid website. Every site we create will sport an advanced back-end that allows for easy page creation, content updating and product additions (for those with e-commerce). Without a CMS, adding a simple blog post would seem more like Hercules’ second labor than, well, adding a blog post. And that’s not good for anyone.


We touched on cross-browser compatibility, width responsive design and the emphasis Google places on looking good in the mobile market over on the website design page. However, we felt this point was important enough to speak about it again here on the development page.

We cannot stress enough the need for a website that quickly contorts to all aspect ratios just by resizing the window of your device. Its importance is second only to unique content in the eyes of a search engine when regarding page-level, keyword agnostic features. For some light reading on the subject, head on over to Search Engine Land and read their in-depth article titled, Is Responsive Design a Ranking Factor?


This heading is pretty broad one. Reason being is that page optimization can mean a good number of things. The crucial stuff like fast loading times, code minification, browser-caching, image resolution, UX best practices and keyword mapping accounts for the majority of it; But that still doesn’t paint the complete picture.

We do realize you’re a hard-working type of person though and don’t have the kind of time necessary to just lay around reading this page. So, let’s just say we’ll put together a very well optimized website for you and if you’d like to get into specifics we can circle back later!