web design and development in canton, ohio

As Bob Dylan once said, “The times they are a changin’.” Website maintenance, and all the work associated with it, is something every company needs to invest in. Technology develops so quickly now that by the time you purchase that fancy new (insert consumer electronic) it’s already become obsolete. Why? Because the newer, better version has been in development for years and is set to release (insert short time frame) from now.

The same principle applies to online media. Browsers are constantly churning out new versions. Moreover, the devices operating those browsers are changing too. That’s why keeping your site in a fluid state, able to navigate these new twists and turns, becomes so important. We at Webnik are positioned to do exactly that. Our knowledge of the coming trends keeps your online presence at the forefront of modern technology.

Website Maintenance & Dedicated Hosting of Canton. OH


Few things are more aggravating than a slow site. This especially rings true with the amount of competition existing online today. Potential customers will move onto the next website offering the same service without a second thought. Studies have shown that 79% of online shoppers say they won’t go back to a website if they’ve had trouble with load speed.

Beyond just speed, maintenance and  updates can be a laborious affair. That’s what you’ve got us for! We keep a close eye on all the important factors that go into hosting and are immediately made aware of any issue pertaining to the site. Currently, our servers operate at 99.93% up-time. Rest assured your site will operate smoothly when working with us.


See that green lock with the word “Secure” next to it in the upper left hand corner of your screen? Just to the left of the address bar in your browser. Yeah, that one! That’s an SSL. SSL’s or Secure Sockets Layer(s) have become something of importance in recent years. Essentially, they allow for a secure connection to take place between you and the user. Any information exchanged is encrypted and therefore protected from those who would potentially do harm. Google recognizes the importance of safeguarding your customers private information and as of late 2014 awards a boost in rank to all sites operating with an SSL. At Webnik, every e-commerce website is built with one and we strongly advise using them for information based platforms as well.


A great deal of individual elements go into making a website operate properly. As time goes on, code will unravel in the face of browser updates and plugin modules will inevitably demand reconfiguration. We’re the ones running around with the oil can, applying as needed. Think of your website as the Tin Man and we’re Dorothy. Except your site isn’t heartless and we don’t wear red heels. Maybe it’s not the best metaphor but you get the idea.

Anyways, all of this is done to ensure properly functionality and to maintain the security of your website. We happily provide daily monitoring and frequently run performance evaluations, keeping your site …well-oiled.


Error resolution is something we try to avoid at Webnik. Not because we don’t like the work though. Rather, we take measures to preemptively safeguard your website from any manner of crash/meltdown. Things of the like are bound to happen however. Knowing where to turn in such an instance is crucial.

If a technical issue should arise, our team will make it top priority to resolve the error. We understand that downtime equals lost revenue. Our technical expertise allows us to quickly identify the problem and return your system to working order, fast.


Prompt communication is imperative when maintaining positive relationships with your customers and fostering new growth through prospective ones. Contact forms are, far and away, the most convenient and efficient method of accomplishing this. Written correspondence between you and your clients allows for much greater accountability as notification is immediate and the message is delivered without alteration. Our systems can be easily integrated into your online marketing efforts. Best of all, they can be delivered straight to your smartphone for the entrepreneur who is always on the move.